This event has now ended. Keep an eye on our Events page to see what other events are coming to Warwick Castle!

The Haunted Castle promises fearful levels of fun for all ages during the day and then, after dark, the fright factor is cranked high as the Castle remains open until 9pm.

With wondrous witches, Horrible Histories and the return of the spectacular Fire Joust, Warwick Castle is the place to be spooked at Halloween...

Check out what frightening delights Warwick Castle offered for 2017 — what horrors will await you at the Haunted Castle in 2018?

Dead Centre Stage


Join a host of bizarre characters for fun, games and spooktacular shows at the Dead Centre Stage.

The Witches Tower


Our wondrous witches are searching for the secret to eternal youth! Perfect for younger children who want to help our friendly witches find the missing ingredients to their magic potion.

The Haunted Hollows


Join a spooky Halloween trail and journey through the enchanted Hollows.

Fire Joust


Hear the thunder of hooves as our twilight knights are tested to the limit in this blazing spectacle.

Doll's House


BRAND NEW FOR 2017 - Open from 12pm! In the late 1800s two children who inhabited the Castle mysteriously disappeared. Will you discover what happened to the children?

The Castle Dungeon


During the Haunted Castle the Dungeon spirits appear more restless. Witness some of the most frightening times in the Castle's history bought to life by a combination of live actors and special effects.

Recommended age: 10+



BRAND NEW FOR 2017! This Halloween, join us for an intense Séance performance that will test just how susceptible you are to a visit from the other side.

Open from 11am. Recommended age: 12+

Outbreak 1349


The black death seems to have arrived in the Heart of England, contagion is instant and the symptoms are more violent. Are you brave enough to escape the plague-ridden characters of histories past?

Recommended age: 12+

*The Castle Dungeon and Séance are additional experiences which can be booked at the following pricing; The Castle Dungeon - £9pp, Séance - £3.50pp.

The Castle Dungeon has an age recommendation of 10+, while Outbreak and Séance is recommended for 12+.

The Fire Joust will be taking place at a different location to the Wars of the Roses Live arena. You'll find it on the river bank, with a viewing area from the other side of the bridge.

Terms and conditions apply. Event subject to change and availability. FREE second day Castle tickets is a Castle entry day that can be used on any day during your break, between your hotel check-in and check-out date. The Knight's Village will be Halloween themed however the entertainment will remain standard. Breakfast included unless otherwise stated.

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